Getting Started with cPanel

cPanel Management Tutorial #

CPanel hosting details #

cPanel is the easy-to-use, award winning control panel. cPanel’s graphical interface makes it an especially intuitive for accessing your files, websites, databases, email and more! cPanel is the perfect solution whether you’ve hosted a number of sites over the years or just starting out.

You’ll also found the handy module Softaculous giving you the ability to install the most popular software to your account with just 1-click. Use Softaculous to auto-install software like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to your account. In addition to blogs and CMS solutions, you can also auto-install eCommerce carts like Magento or OpenCart, bug tracking software, project management solutions and much more!

Are you interested in a cPanel Hosting solution? Pro 4 Hosting has a number of solutions that include the popular control panel to meet your needs. Just some of the cPanel Hosting solutions available from Pro 4 Hosting include our SharedReseller and Dedicated Servers.

Getting started with CPanel | How to use CPanel #

Need help using cPanel? Choose one of our handy cPanel Tutorial articles below for assistance! Whether you need help accessing your control for the first time or resetting a password, we’ve got an article to help! Of course if you need additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support staff with your questions.

Accessing cPanel

Learn how to access cPanel so you can manage your Pro 4 Hosting web site.

cPanel Home Screen

Learn about the cPanel home screen, the information it displays, and how to use it to access features.

Changing your cPanel password

Learn how to change your cPanel password. This password change also updates your MySQL, SSH, and primary FTP account password.

Changing the cPanel language

cPanel includes support for multiple languages. Learn how to change the language you use in cPanel here.

Updating contact information and preferences in cPanel

Learn how to update your contact addresses and preferences in cPanel.

Changing the cPanel style

cPanel includes support for different styles. Learn how to change the style you use in cPanel here.

Change cPanel AutoSSL notifications

cPanel gives you control over many automatic notifications. This article shows you howto manage the AutoSSL notifications.